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Men of Vision

Men of Vision


Age: Middle and High School

Gender-Specific: Male

Men of Vision is a college preparation program designed specifically for African-American and Hispanic males that teaches character, self-esteem, and decision-making skills in order to help young males get and stay on the path to success. The Men of Vision program features interactive activities that develop adolescent males’ internal locus of control and commitment to school in a safe, gender-affirming environment. The program includes a suite of curriculum aids to accommodate every program modality. For organizations planning to serve more than 100 students, we recommend that

Featuring Interactive lessons based on true-to-life scenarios.

Condensed version of Men of Vision textbook curriculum with multimedia video enhancement.

Men of Vision’s comprehensive teacher manual includes solved answers and question prompts for further group discussion. Five males provide mentorship and encouragement to students by reflecting on their struggles and successes in video format. Used to motivate and reward students for their progress through the program.

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