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RTV Programs

ReCapturing the Vision (RTV) programs have helped transform more than 75 public schools in some of the largest school districts around the country.

Programs include:

Men of Vision – designed for middle and high school age youth, this program teaches young, urban males invaluable lessons about life planning, job preparation, fatherhood and a successful transition into manhood.

Vessels of Honor - focuses on character building, dealing with peer pressure, preventing disease and teen pregnancy, as well as the importance of forming healthy relationships and compatibility.

E-Zone – equips teens with developmental assets, including positive identity formation, conflict resolution, goal setting and leadership skills, all essential to negotiating a successful journey in life.

Capturing the Vision – molds young ladies into successful women by instilling positive attitudes, conflict-resolution skills, and helping them to discover their talents and career paths.

Raise the Standard - teaches elementary-age youth lessons in responsibility, honesty, conflict-resolution and peer pressure in a constructive, age-appropriate environment.

Making It Work - teaches youth how to cultivate healthy relationships, discover their life goals and develop the core elements necessary for a healthy marriage.